Creating a work of art is creating a World

Vasili Kandinsky (1)


In ETHEREAL, the new  exhibit by Laura Benchetrit, subtleness is redefined. This is an exhibit that brings together her recent work and groups it into two series, which are  distinct, yet interconnected. WORLD IN ECLOSION and CIRCULAR WORLD. In both series, the artist  deepens her research into the virtues of materials and the opportunities that different techniques offer, from the combination of both these sources she offers us a new  frontier of her art.


  Eclosion is the action of breaking up, blooming and expanding . WORLD IN ECLOSION   brings to light this effect , its  behaviour and its movement accross the plastic space. From a drawing which appears to be a spiral we see arising figures which are impossible to define; some will see losanges; other circles; whatever the impression that the spectator receives, it is the product of one  single line from which all the rest arises. In this way, Benchetrit constructs this “world” in a random walk. Like the bubbles produced by an explosion in the ocean bottom, her traits expand and look for their own, unique place. These are works made up of two parts : watercolour on paper as the base, and ink on acetate on top. The interrelationship between figure and background is striking.


In CIRCULAR WORLD , the artist pursues  her search along the oriental themes that she had explored in previous series, and that the art critic Julio Sánchez (2) had commented upon. Once again, starting with paper as the supporting material and building on it via the process of collagraph - an experimental technique of engraving - ,Benchetrit can transmit her gifts as a painter and engraver. When looking at this series, it could be perceived as a succession of abstract  landscapes, where the monochromatic background provides shelter to a number of random lines –at a higher tone – which serve as the structure that  provides support to figures which , yet again , are similar to the ones found in WORLD IN ECLOSION. In this overlap, the imbalance between crisscrossing lines and the open and closed circles, provide an interesting effect of instability.


  In ETHEREAL, it is inevitable to dwell on the forms , but as Cezanne (3) said  : “ we should not say modelling (bodies) but modulating (colors)…”. Here lies the key to interpreting this body of work : in the harmony of the use of color we can perceive the freedom and plenitude  of the shapes .


Laura Feinsilber (4) once said that Benchetrit had reached her artistic maturity. While this may be true, this new stage of her work shows us that her creative ,restless temperament has not stayed  in the bounds of tradition and that she continues on an ongoing search for new frontiers ; this is where her work makes the whole difference .


Eugenia Garay Basualdo



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