Serene Communicability


The watercolors, temperas, pastel-crayons and combined techniques that the artist Laura Benchetrit presents in this exhibit, integrate an expressive unit that allows appreciating it as one great work open to different variations of the same concept.


These works remind us of Cézanne’s principle “color makes the shape”, because the artist develops her creativity from the standpoint of the perceptive qualities of color, which she senses with marked intensity.  Paper support contributes to its development within an atmospheric expression with no figurative dependence nor references, nor any other image resource.


In such a way, Laura Benchetrit achieves subtle and refined atmospheres proper of a sensitive captivation that grasps the essential, clear of any secondary element. She thus creates a space for serene reflection and encountering the world inside.  That is the reason why in her works there is an inevitable association with oriental mysticism.


Without any turbulence-causing gestures, nor resorting to the powerful attraction of matter - which in her case tends to be diluted and almost evanescent - the artist endows her works with undeniable mystery, taking us onto the grounds of ambiguity, an attribute of truthful artistic creation, and of the unreachable. Everything is like suggested, claiming absences and offering through the climate reached a possibility for spiritual encounter.


The predominant vision is harmonious and serene, as an appeal to the order of the cosmos and to the existential paradigmatic communion with it that mankind can aspire. The artist presents it as a search that she seems to start in each work, in a different manner, according to the chromatic scale employed.


Her works register different moods, moments when the soul situates before the universe, legitimately aspiring that thirst for the absolute we all have in the deepness of our being. The artist’s capacity reveals itself in the possibility to communicate what is personal raising it to a more universal scale, in such way to share it with the rest. This   transference of lived experiences, where the most profound identities can be found, holds the convoking power of art.  Laura Benchetrit makes it reality.



Fermín Fevre

Buenos Aires, March 2003